Trust is an essential requirement of leadership success. Trust, of course is a difficult notion to explain but thinking about it and trying to understanding it, is important for us all. I like the defining ideas by Tschannen-Moran (2004) who argued that trust is built from five elements, all contributing to each other:

  1. honesty
  2. benevolence
  3. openness
  4. competence
  5. reliability

In many respects these five elements of trust speak for themselves.

We know what they mean, don’t we?

When I stop and think about the people in the team, they all embody high levels of honesty. They are the kinds of people who admit their mistakes, give credit where it is due and kindly accept thanks and praise when they deserve it – without letting it go to their heads.

They work super hard, for the betterment of the people they work with and they give, give, give of themselves unfailingly and unwavering – to others. On top of that they are super easy to work with, because they are so open and so present when you talk with them. They are the kind of people who manage – quite naturally – to make you feel that you are the only person in their mind at that moment. It’s not mindfulness, it’s just genuine attention and respect paid to another.