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26 Aug


This is the most thought provoking thing I’ve seen for sometime.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Video of the Week

4 Aug



Growing Leaders

23 Jul
Last term I had some engaging conversations with my Heads of Department. Our school, like many around the country, is transforming the way we look at teaching and learning. Our conversation really got me thinking. Through our transformation process, I need to cultivate teacher leaders more than ever before.
Teacher leaders are the backbone of our work, and we as an SLT can’t do it alone. Let’s take a look at some innovative efforts that are changing schools around the country. I thought of ways they could develop their faculties. This coincided with some advice I was giving to another school so this developed real purpose.
A great leader brings out the best in their staff. There are several common denominators when it comes to strong leaders. Here are a few:
1. Has a sense of humor. This doesn’t mean a boss that constantly cracks jokes or acts like a clown. It simply means they are approachable, relatable and see the value in an upbeat, positive workplace. A friendly office environment starts at the top.
2. Allows freedom to fail. Once employees are given the proper training, a good boss will step out of the way. Employees flourish when they know they are trusted to do the right thing after given clearly defined expectations. A good boss steps in when they see an issue, but continually relies on employees to do what they have been hired to do.
3. Values strong communication. A good boss clearly articulates expectations, freely shares news that will benefit their team and offers feedback, both positive and constructive, to each employee they directly supervise. Most importantly, they establish communication as a two-way street, creating a safe atmosphere to voice opinions and concerns.
4. Asks for input. Everyone on the team is there because they have professional skills to contribute to the organization. A good boss knows they can’t be an expert at all things, and must rely on their team for corporate success.
5. Encourages growth. A good boss will provide opportunities for employee development and growth. They are tuned in to those who demonstrate initiative and are eager to expand their knowledge.
6. Acknowledges success. A good boss compliments and rewards their team and doesn’t miss an opportunity to “brag” about an employee’s job well done – at a staff meeting, board meeting, or in front of a client. Happy employees are a direct reflection of a good boss
Cultivating teachers for shared leadership roles can have a lasting impact on a school community and its climate. It allows school the SLT to tap into the expertise and experience of some of its most dynamic teachers and give them a way to share their skills with their colleagues. Teachers who serve as instructional coaches and mentors to their peers can have a far greater positive impact on changing instructional practice in a school.




Video of the Week

19 May

What 60 Schools Can Tell Us about Teaching 21st Century Skills: Grant Lichtman at TEDxDenverTeachers
The rate of change in the world demands that we re-imagine and restructure the foundational learning relationship among students, teachers, and knowledge. In September 2012, pursuing a decades-long passion for transformational education, Grant packed up his Prius and set off on a solo, nationwide research tour to discover what schools are doing to prepare students for an evolving future. Find out what he learned from three months on the road visiting 21 states, 64 schools, and the great ideas of 500 educators. Presented by Grant Lichtman, Author and Educational Consultant.


Digital Footprint

12 May

I have been listening to a number of Radio New Zealand podcasts recently. A discussion on the radio about a video capturing the bullying of a bus monitor from some time back caught my attention. Here is the video in question. This now infamous video was appalling, troubling and upsetting. To watch those boys harass, belittle and inflict such hatred on another human being was more than I could witness silently. The related videos were just as hard to watch.

As a Dad and a teacher my immediate reaction was to think about how this horrible incident could be used to educate my children. This very public event provides an opportunity to discuss two important lessons. The first lesson is about bullying. The video allows us to look into a bullying event and talk about the actions of the victim, the bullies and the bystanders. It is a very real look into something that is not often captured on tape.

The second lesson that emerges from this event is digital footprint. The bullying was filmed, posted, re-posted and has gone viral. Is is being watched by people around the world. Sadly this is not the first nor will it be the last.

My daughter and I, the staff and my students have had all had robust conversations about this. .Was it an important discussion to have with my children? Yes. Teaching about bullying has always been part of the “job” of being a parent but teaching about digital footprint has not. Now it is a MUST. Our children live in a digital world that they navigate easily but without a full understanding of it’s power. Like all children they need parental guidance and support as they learn. Parenting in a digital world is not always easy or something we, as adults, fully understand but it is so important. For me this teaching lives in the conversations I have with my children when I stop to seize the moment.

Privacy Intro The Digital Footprint.


Professional Learning: Video

4 May

This is awesome. One the best of the year!


A professor of design and technology at Parsons The New School for Design talks about the value of games and the empowerment of play.



Video of the Week

16 Feb

It’s Superbowl time again and the corporates always produce great ads. My favourites this year are from Radio Shack and Chrysler.




Videos of the Week

1 Feb

This is a useful resource for meetings especially when you don’t seem to be making any progress…


This one pokes fun at the complexities of leadership.


Video of the Week

10 Dec

This is a great resource for a staff meeting. I especially liked it as I am a big fan of Seinfeld.

Jerry Seinfeld on Saturday Night Live



Video of the Week

1 Dec

This week the X Factor was a popular topic conversation in our College community. While no expert in these shows I did find this YouTube 0f the winner of Ukraine’s Got Talent 2009. Turn the sound up and enjoy. Simply stunning.


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